• 4 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for the warm weather. Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive’s experienced team of automotive technicians and modern equipment can help get your car ready for the warmer months ahead. Our services are reliable, affordable, and convenient — making us the perfect choice for all your auto repair needs. Keep reading to learn how you can get your car ready for the summer and contact us to schedule a service today!

    Checking tire pressure

    1. Check Your Tires

    With the warm weather and increased chance of rain, it’s important to make sure your tires have enough tread and are inflated to the proper pressure. Look for any cracks or bald spots that could cause a blowout and ensure your spare tire is in good condition. If you need our mechanic at Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive to check your tires, visit our auto shop today!

    Car battery

    2. Test the Battery

    The hot summer weather can take a toll on your car’s battery. To avoid being stranded with a dead battery, make sure to test it regularly and replace it if necessary. If your battery is more than three years old, it’s a good idea to replace it before the summer. Visit our auto shop in Fort Collins to have your battery checked and replaced if needed.

    Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive mechanic

    3. Top Off Fluids & Check Hoses and Belts

    Even as the weather gets warmer and it’s less likely your car fluids will drop drastically compared to the winter, it’s still important to check these fluids regularly and top them off as needed. You should also check hoses and belts for any cracks or wear and tear. Need us to top off your fluids while you get an oil change? Visit our auto repair shop in Fort Collins to get started!

    A/C in car

    4. Check the A/C

    One of the worst things about a hot summer day is getting in your car and realizing the air conditioning isn’t working. To avoid this, make sure to have your A/C system checked before the summer starts. Our team at Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive can inspect your A/C system and repair it if necessary. We want to make sure you’re comfortable all summer long!

    If you need help getting your car ready for summer, contact Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive today. Our experienced team of automotive technicians can help with everything from tire alignment to A/C maintenance. Rather than trying to do it yourself, leave it to the professionals and call us today! We’re here to help you get your car ready for summer so you can enjoy the warm weather worry-free. Contact us now to schedule a service!