4 Common Causes of Check Engine Lights

4 Common Causes of Check Engine Lights

Have you ever been driving and all of a sudden, your check engine light comes on? Well, don't panic because it's more common than you think. In this blog post, we'll list the most common causes of the check engine light turning on, so you can be prepared and deal with it quickly if it happens to you. Keep reading to learn more from Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive.

Oxygen Sensor

1. Failing Oxygen Sensor

One common issue that can cause your check engine light to turn on is a failing oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is responsible for monitoring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust system, and if it detects a drop in oxygen levels, it will trigger the check engine light. Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive can help you diagnose and repair this problem, so don't hesitate to give us a call today.

Open gas tank

2. Loose or Faulty Gas Cap

Many times, the cause of the check engine light is a simple issue, such as a loose or faulty gas cap. A gas cap that is not tight can cause the fuel system to leak, triggering the check engine light. At Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive, we can inspect your gas cap and perform a fuel system pressure test to check for leaks.

close up of underside of a car

3. Failing Catalytic Converter

One of the most common services we perform is catalytic converter replacement. A failing catalytic converter is a common cause of check engine lights turning on, and it can lead to a decrease in fuel economy and engine performance. If you have noticed that your check engine light is on, or if you have noticed any decreases in fuel economy or engine performance, we highly recommend bringing your vehicle in for an inspection.

Spark Plug Problems

4. Spark Plug Problems

Over time, spark plugs can become fouled with carbon deposits or worn out, causing misfires and triggering the check engine light. One of the most common reasons we see cars come into our shop with a check engine light is due to spark plug problems. If you're experiencing any issues with your vehicle, or if your check engine light is on, bring it into Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive for a professional diagnosis and repair.

If your check engine light is on, don't panic. There are a few common causes that we can help you with here at Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive. Schedule your service today and we'll take a look at what's going on under the hood. We're always here to help you keep your car running smoothly.