Not Sure If You Need the Repair Or Not?

Not Sure If You Need the Repair Or Not?

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, many people out there are uncertain about whether or not their cars actually need certain repairs. This makes sense, of course, because if you don’t know the ins and outs of cars, you almost have to take the experts at their word.

It’s true that many mechanics are honest and simply want to lend a helping hand, but it’s also true that some out there are looking for an opportunity to stretch the truth a little bit to get you to pay for a service you don’t really need. So what do you need to know about how to avoid these situations? Let’s take a look.

Common Phrases to Be Aware Of

“Without getting into details, you should…”

If a mechanic won’t give you the information about what’s going on with your vehicle because they don’t think you’ll understand, it’s a sign that they might be trying to pull a fast one on you. There’s no doubt that some repairs are very detailed and it can be difficult to describe exactly what’s needed. The difference between a good mechanic and a bad one, however, is that the good ones will always do their best to keep you in the loop about what’s necessary.

“You’re not going to want to drive that very far. We’d hate for you to break down.”

This tactic, of course, is one that takes advantage of your fear of breaking down. It causes you to think about how you’d rather just pay some money than having to deal with sitting on the side of the road, calling a tow truck, and figuring out what to do next. Although it’s sometimes true that your car is in dire need of a repair, you should be sure to ask questions about the nature of the repairs that the mechanic deems necessary. If possible, get a second opinion.

“We better just replace it all at once to save you some time.”

This is another tactic that some dishonest mechanics turn to. In this instance, the mechanic makes it seem like they are doing you a favor by saving you time later on. In reality, what’s happening is that you may be replacing something that has months or years of life left.

“Sorry, that didn’t fix the problem.”

If a mechanic tells you about your need for an expensive repair and you give the okay, but the problem remains, you will inevitably be frustrated. It’s important to keep in mind that the age of your car, whether you stuck to a routine maintenance schedule, and the quality of work done previously can all play a role in the ongoing health of your vehicle, but if a mechanic tells you they thought the work they did would fix your car and it didn’t (and that they have another idea), you should consider seeking a second opinion.

Fort Collins Vehicle Maintenance You Can Trust

At the end of the day, you deserve to know that you can rely on your mechanic to do the work that needs to be done the right way. As a family owned and operated vehicle repair shop, we know the value of honesty. In fact, it’s this commitment to putting our customers first that has allowed us to stay in business since 1977. We pride ourselves on ensuring that no matter your needs, you can count on us to steer you straight. It’s as simple as that.

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