Diesel Auto Repair

Diesels are the workhorses of automotive engines. Their ruggedness, longevity, and dependability make them perfect for the largest of vehicles. And although they can usually run for quite a few miles before repairs are needed, diesels need regular maintenance and occasional repairs, just like any other engine. It’s essential to choose an automotive technician who has extensive training and experience working on diesel engines. At Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive in Fort Collins, CO, our diesel technician has what it takes to keep your motor in tip-top shape. We service all diesel models.

Our Diesel Expertise

Diesel drivers know all too well the frustration of trying to find a garage that can handle their engine’s unique requirements. There are far fewer qualified diesel technicians compared to non-diesel mechanics. At Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive, we take great pride in our ability to offer drivers our diesel technician’s exceptional expertise in this area. There’s nothing we enjoy more than getting our hands dirty and figuring out what makes an engine tick—or why it isn’t. Should you ever have a question or concern about your diesel vehicle, you can take advantage of our diesel technician’s extensive knowledge in this specialized area.

Common Diesel Vehicle Repairs

The diesel technician at our garage can handle any problem your diesel truck can throw at him—from routine maintenance to fuel injection malfunctions to contaminated fuel problems. Some of the most common diesel repairs we handle include:

  • Glow plugs – Your diesel engine lacks spark plugs. It also lacks distributors, which is why you won’t ever need us to do an ignition tune-up for you. However, your diesel does have glow plugs, and these can sometimes malfunction. If you notice slow starting, rough idling, hesitation, or complete failure to start, bring in your vehicle for some new glow plugs.
  • Fuel injector – Your vehicle’s fuel injector may be defective if you notice a strong fuel odor, poor fuel efficiency, starting problems, or engine misfires.
  • Contaminated fuel – Diesel fuel isn’t stable like gasoline. It gradually forms solids and clogs fuel filters. The sludge will coat the baffles and walls of the tank, inhibit combustion efficiency, clog fuel lines, and degrade the fuel pump and injector. We’ll perform the necessary maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle running like new, or repair it if any damage has already been done.

Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive is the diesel repair facility of choice in the Fort Collins area. Call us today at (970) 325-6630 and ask about our free loaner cars and shuttle service.

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