Apr 7, 2016 | | Fort Collins, CO
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I’ve taken four different cars to FCMA and always get great service. The majority of my visits have involved our Jeep Liberty which initially went to the dealer for repairs. After getting a seriously pricey estimate for an electrical issue from then-Lithia, we took it FCMA which fixed the problem for about 1/8th the cost. The next issue was a nasty rattle which Lithia couldn’t diagnose. The mechanic at FCMA took a stethoscope to the entire drivetrain (I watched) and discovered it was a bad front drive shaft. Since then, the Jeep has been to no other shop. I’ve also taken 3 cars there in the last few months to get the headlights restored. The only issue can occasionally be parking, but it isn’t a huge deal. Highly recommended.

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