• 4 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for the warm weather. Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive’s experienced team of automotive technicians and modern equipment can help get your car ready for the warmer months ahead. Our services are reliable, affordable, and convenient — making us the perfect choice for all your auto repair needs. Keep reading to learn how you can get your car ready for the summer and contact us to schedule a service today!

    Checking tire pressure

    1. Check Your Tires

    With the warm weather and increased chance of rain, it’s important to make sure your tires have enough tread and are inflated to the proper pressure. Look for any cracks or bald spots that could cause a blowout and ensure your spare tire is in good condition. If you need our mechanic at Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive to check your tires, visit our auto shop today!

    Car battery

    2. Test the Battery

    The hot summer weather can take a toll on your car’s battery. To avoid being stranded with a dead battery, make sure to test it regularly and replace it if necessary. If your battery is more than three years old, it’s a good idea to replace it before the summer. Visit our auto shop in Fort Collins to have your battery checked and replaced if needed.

    Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive mechanic

    3. Top Off Fluids & Check Hoses and Belts

    Even as the weather gets warmer and it’s less likely your car fluids will drop drastically compared to the winter, it’s still important to check these fluids regularly and top them off as needed. You should also check hoses and belts for any cracks or wear and tear. Need us to top off your fluids while you get an oil change? Visit our auto repair shop in Fort Collins to get started!

    A/C in car

    4. Check the A/C

    One of the worst things about a hot summer day is getting in your car and realizing the air conditioning isn’t working. To avoid this, make sure to have your A/C system checked before the summer starts. Our team at Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive can inspect your A/C system and repair it if necessary. We want to make sure you’re comfortable all summer long!

    If you need help getting your car ready for summer, contact Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive today. Our experienced team of automotive technicians can help with everything from tire alignment to A/C maintenance. Rather than trying to do it yourself, leave it to the professionals and call us today! We’re here to help you get your car ready for summer so you can enjoy the warm weather worry-free. Contact us now to schedule a service!

  • What You Should Know About Colorado’s New Catalytic Converter Laws

    If you’ve heard that Colorado is now subject to new catalytic converter laws, you may be wondering exactly what’s going on — and what that means for your vehicle. Not to worry, because at Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive, we’re here to break it all down.

    Whether you’re curious about what this new change means for Colorado motorists or you’re just curious about what’s going on, keep reading to learn more.

    What It All Means

    On January 1, “all sales or installations of aftermarket catalytic converters for any model year vehicle in Colorado must comply with Air Quality Control Commission Regulation Number 20, 5 CCR 1001-24,” according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Essentially, since this has gone into effect, it’s necessary for replacement catalytic converters to be original from the manufacturer or a specific aftermarket converter that’s certified to meet specific standards for emissions.

    This new regulation also prohibits people from selling “used, recycled, or salvaged” catalytic converters. Additionally, only exempted catalytic converters can now be sold.

    But what happens if your vehicle is equipped with a catalytic converter that’s not compliant with the new regulation? Simply put, it will not pass its next emissions test. Interestingly, many catalytic converters have tripled in price since the state of Colorado changed to California’s stricter laws.

    Learn more at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s website or check out their webinar “Understanding Colorado’s New Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Regulation.” 

    What You Can Do

    At Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive, our mission is to keep your vehicle running its best. If you’re confused or concerned about Colorado’s new regulation, we want you to know that we’re here to lend a helping hand in order to ensure that your vehicle is in compliance.

    Although it can sometimes feel overwhelming to deal with new laws and regulations — especially those that are confusing — you can count on our team of expert Fort Collins mechanics to provide you with the insight you need. When it comes to auto repair and vehicle maintenance, we strive to be the best of the best. Since 1977, we’ve been the team people turn to for a variety of different vehicle services, and over the past four decades, we’ve developed a reputation for going the extra mile for each and every person that brings their vehicle to us.

    Schedule an Appointment Today

    Whether you’d like to learn more or you need to have your catalytic converter replaced, we can help. Of course, in addition to helping with this specific issue, we can also help with general auto maintenance, mufflers, brake repair, oil changes, fluid maintenance, and much more.

    In other words, no matter what your vehicle needs, you can trust us to be honest, professional, and knowledgeable about solving your problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and rest assured that you’re in good hands with the crew at Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive. We look forward to having the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

  • Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

    Whether you’ve lived in Colorado for your entire life or you’re a new resident, chances are that you’ve heard about just how unpredictable winter weather can be in our neck of the woods. Thankfully, at Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive, we’re here to help ensure that your car is ready for the winter ahead.

    That’s why in today’s post, we’re highlighting some of the most important tips to follow to ensure that you’re fully prepared for winter in Colorado. While we may go weeks at a time without a sign of snow, the truth is that the weather here can change at the drop of a hat, and that’s why it’s so vitally important to ensure that you’re ready for anything. Keep reading to learn more, and if you need assistance, contact our team of Fort Collins auto repair experts.

    How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter in Colorado

    Get an Oil Change

    Although an oil change is often the most-completed form of vehicle maintenance, it’s especially important to be sure that your vehicle is ready for the cold weather ahead. Depending on your vehicle and the temperature, it may be worth asking us if it’s necessary to use a different kind of oil.

    Change Your Wiper Blades

    If it’s been awhile since you’ve changed your windshield wiper blades, now is the time to do it! Ice, snow, and sleet can quickly cause problems on your windshield, and when your defroster is working to melt them, a quality pair of wiper blades can quickly get rid of water that would otherwise accumulate and freeze. Being able to see clearly out of your window makes all the difference in the world during a winter snowstorm, so make sure you’re prepared by testing your wiper blades. It’s also a great time to check your wiper fluid levels to ensure that they’re topped off before winter begins.

    Have Your Heater Inspected

    There’s nothing worse than getting into a cold car when it’s freezing outside only to discover that your heater isn’t working. Trust us when we say that even if you’re bundled up in warm outdoor gear, driving a car while it’s in single digits gets old very quickly. Bring your vehicle in to have your heater and defroster checked and tuned up now to avoid trouble later.

    Check Your Tires

    One of the most vital components of driving on a snowy Colorado day is tires. Whether you have snow tires put on your vehicle or not is entirely up to you, but making certain that your tires have enough tread is crucial. Our advice? Use a penny! All you have to do is place your penny in the treads of your tires. If the top of President Lincoln’s head disappears in the treads, chances are that your tires are in good shape.

    Of course, this is one area where we recommend double and triple checking to ensure that you’re safe. Need a hand? Bring your vehicle in for general maintenance and ask us what we think. We’ll let you know the safest option based on the specific wear you have on your tires.

    Keep an Emergency Supply Kit

    Ultimately, you never know when things will take a turn for the worst. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’re ready for anything. After all, if you’re stuck at the office or broken down on the side of the road, you’ll be thankful that you prepared an emergency kit. We recommend keeping the following items tucked away in the trunk of your car:

    • Blanket (reflective if possible)
    • Water bottle
    • Candles
    • Jumper cables
    • Multipurpose tool
    • Flashlight
    • First aid kit
    • Duct tape
    • Extra clothing

    Get Your Car Ready With Expert Vehicle Maintenance

    At Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive, we would be glad to provide you with any vehicle maintenance your car needs before winter rolls around. Although it’s hard to believe that summer is in the rearview mirror, fall is in full swing and we’ll get our first snow before we know it. It pays to be prepared, so whether you’re in need of an oil change, new tires, brake repair, an alignment, or general car care, our team is here to help.

    Contact us today to schedule a visit. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Be Aware of These Vehicle Maintenance Milestones

    Air Filter – 15,000-30,000 miles
    Fuel Filter – ~30,000 miles
    Batteries – Every four to five years
    Brake Fluid – 20,000-50,000 miles
    Brake Pads – 25,000-50,000 miles
    Coolant – 50,000-60,000 miles
    Power Steering Fluid – 70,000 miles
    Timing Belt – 70,000-90,000 miles
    Transmission Fluid – 30,000-80,000 miles

    A Few Things to Keep in Mind

    Of course, the suggestions above are just that — suggestions. First and foremost, we want you to know that when you visit Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive, we’d be happy to provide you with a consultation to let you know how things are looking in your vehicle. In other words, if you’re getting close to hitting one of the milestones above, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in. It’s also important to note that every make and model of vehicle are different, so it’s important to consult your vehicle’s owner manual to get specific recommendations for your car.

    It’s also important to keep in mind that the milestones above are not a complete list. There are other things that may be necessary to do to your vehicle to keep it in good working order. Perhaps most importantly, regular oil changes should be a top priority for keeping your car in top notch condition. At the end of the day, no matter your vehicle, no matter your specific needs, you can always trust the pros at Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive to steer you in the right direction.

    Why Visit Us for Auto Repair?

    For many, finding a local mechanic can feel overwhelming. How do you know who you can trust to work on your vehicle? How can you be certain that the advice they’re giving is true and accurate?

    For starters, it’s important to choose a mechanic with a good reputation. Backed by over 40 years of experience, Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive has earned a name for ourselves in the community as a hard-working, trustworthy auto repair shop. Take a look at our reviews and see for yourself what others have to say about us.

    At the end of the day, the thing that makes us different from the rest is a dedication to our community. We love Fort Collins, we love our shop, and we love the people who turn to us to get the help they need. From routine repairs and maintenance to fleet services to being a Certified Colorado Emissions Repair Facility, our mission is to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our customers. You deserve to have a go-to mechanic you can trust to get the job done the right way — and at Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive, we want you to know that you can turn to us when you’re having an issue with your car.

    Contact Us Today

    No matter your situation, we want you to know that when you visit us you’ll be greeted warmly and treated to quality auto repair services. It’s as simple as that. Have a question for our team? Want to schedule a visit to have your vehicle checked out? Whatever the case may be, we’d love to hear from you and we’d be happy to lend a hand. Contact us today.