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Muffler & Auto Repair in Ft Collins

Here at Fort Collins Muffler and Automotive we will only sell you what you need, and the price we quote is the price you get. We are a TECH-NET Professional Auto Service center, and we provide outstanding service and repairs for our customers.

Cost Effective Exhaust System Repair

We use only the highest quality parts available, but we have no problem replacing a muffler and re-using the pipes when they are good. This is a safe and cost effective way of exhaust repair that we have been doing for almost 34 years.

Emissions Repair

Colorado's Auto Emissions Program will be starting again in October. We are an authorized emissions repair facility and we will fix your vehicle so it will pass the emissions test if you have problems.

Free Exhaust & Front End Inspections

Free Brake Inspections
We offer free exhaust and front end inspections and also offer complete diagnostics and repairs for almost all automotive repairs at a very competitive cost. We will show you the parts that are needed and the parts that are only recommended. We explain any safe repair options and let the customer decide what they want.

for our

Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive Courtesy Van
Complimentary Brake Inspections (with repairs)
• Complimentary Exhaust Inspections
• Complimentary Shuttle Service
• Complimentary Service History Reports
• Complimentary Pickup and Delivery of Vehicles (in local area)
• Early and Late Drop Offs
• Fleet Accounts
• Large Truck and Motor Home Lifts
• Twelve Service Bays

Motorhomes and Heavy Vehicles

Our special heavy duty lift allows us to work on vehicles weighing up to 14,000 lbs.

Computer Updates

Did you know that we can update / reprogram your car's computer just like the dealer?

Auto Repair & Services

• Air Conditioning Repair
• Alternator Replacement
• Battery Replacement
Brake Pad Replacement
Brake Rear Shoe Replacement
Clutch Repair
• Cooling System Flush
(includes conditioner and sealers)
• C.V. Boots & Axle Shafts Replacement
• Diesel Fuel Injection Service
• Driveability (tune-up, Scope Analysis)
• Electrical Service
• Emissions Repair
• Exhaust & Custom Work
• Fuel Injection Repair
• Fuel Pump Replacement
• Factory Scheduled Maintenance
• Hose Replacement
• Muffler Replacement/Repair
(Lifetime guarantee)
• Oil, Lube & Filter
• Power Steering Flush
• Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections
• Radiator Repair
• Serpentine Belt Replacement
• Shocks & Struts Replacement
• Starter Replacement
• Steering & Suspension Repair
• Timing Belt Replacement
• Tire Rotation & Balance
• Transmission Flushes
• Transmission Service
• Water Pump Replacement
• Wheel Alignments

Our Parts Guarantee

Brakes Lifetime
Mufflers Lifetime
Shocks Lifetime
Struts Lifetime
C.V. Boots Lifetime
C.V. Joints Lifetime
Water Pumps Lifetime
Wheel Cylinders Lifetime
Front End Lifetime
Alternators 1 Year
Starters 1 Year
Batteries 5 Years (prorated)
Note: All parts are new and guaranteed for 2 years from the initial service date, unless otherwise stated.

Complimentary Service Reminders

If you want a reminder we will mail a reminder to you when it is time for inspections or service.
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2001 South College Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80525
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