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Meet Our Staff


  • The car Brian drives: 2016 Cadillac

  • His dream car: 1957 Chevy

  • His favorite CAR-toon: Gigantor (Brian's a child of the 1960s and '70s)

  • His favorite CAR-tune: Anything by Van Halen

  • Lived in Fort Collins since: 1977


  • The car David drives: 2001 Honda Civic

  • His dream car: 2-door 1961-63 Chevy Impala

  • His favorite CAR-toon: Charlie Brown from Peanuts

  • Hidden talent (until now): playing the violin

  • Lived in Fort Collins since: 1989

  • On the bucket list: snowboarding in the Alps


  • The car Eric drives: 2004 Jeep, 2003 Cavalier, 1969 Chevy pickup

  • His dream car: 1965 Pontiac GTO

  • Lived in Fort Collins since: 1993

  • Hobbies: fishing, golf

  • On the bucket list: Taking a cruise to Alaska, finishing the 1969 pickup